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Aumsville Burn-to-Learn

Aumsville, OR, June 26, 2020– On June 27, 2020 at 8:00 am Aumsville Rural Fire Protection District will conduct a burn-to-learn or live fire training at 140 N 4th Street between Main and Church. There will be multiple burn fires set and extinguished within the structure. Each burn set is a learning opportunity for not only our seasoned firefighters but also for our three probationary firefighters that just graduated from Santiam fire Academy.

Each firefighter will be assigned a task prior to entering the structure. When the firefighters enter the structure, they will locate the room that has been ignited. They will study the burn pattern, learning the fuel load. In addition, they will demonstrate how to safely and quickly extinguish the fire, rescue any victims, protect the contents, and exit the structure.

The structure and property were purchased by the District in 2019. As soon as the property is cleaned up from the live fire training, the District will start the planning process for a new administration building. The building will include living and sleeping quarters for future on-duty firefighters, administrative offices that meet building codes, and classrooms for training firefighters, EMT’s and public response teams.

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