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The volunteer is a trained and respected professional who is expected to work and act in a professional manner while serving their community. The District offers a few ways to volunteer, as a member of our District Link Support Team or as a volunteer firefighter. To become a volunteer complete the application and bring it to the station during business hours.



Our volunteer firefighter provides fire protection, rescue and medical response. They support state firefighting crews combating state and local wildland fires. They work closely with other public safety agencies to provide assistance and are experienced in disaster rescue.


Tender Driver

The Tender Driver Program was started with the more mature driver in mind. Many of the areas that we protect must have water shuttled to the scene. The tender driver gets the water to the scene and allows all firefighting resources to stay on the scene.  


Support Team

The District Link Support Team is our greatest connection to the community. Their main purpose is to support the firefighter on scene; however, our group organizes the blood drives, the giving tree, and many other community functions. 

PO Box 247

490 Church Street 

Aumsville OR 97325


Tel: 503-749-2894


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