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Volunteer Information

The term “Volunteer” as it relates to the firefighters of our District has a meaning other than what might be expected. The Volunteer Firefighter in the Aumsville Fire District is a trained and respected part-time professional firefighter who is expected to work and act in a professional manner. The Aumsville Fire District offers several ways to volunteer and to serve your community. You can join our team as a Volunteer Firefighter or a member of our Fire Support Team.  To become a volunteer firefighter please visit fill out this application and send it to us or come in person!


Our volunteer firefighters provide fire protection, rescue and medical response and support state firefighting crews combating state and local wildland fires. They work closely with other public safety agencies to provide assistance and are experienced in disaster rescue such as the Beachie Creek Wildland fire in 2022, an EF2 tornado touched down in the center of Aumsville in 2010 that destroyed homes and caused substantial damage to businesses and City Hall, and torrential rains combined with snow melt caused severe flooding in 2012.


As a Volunteer Firefighter of the District, you will be put through a training program that will give you the necessary skills that will enable you to function, under supervision, at the scene of fires, medical calls, and other emergencies. Your attendance at regular drills will ensure that your skill level in these evolutions is maintained and that you learn new and advanced techniques in firefighting. Beyond these regular training programs, there are many opportunities for additional training in such areas as an engineer/operator, advanced firefighting, rescue and extrication techniques, and emergency medical technician. Everyone is encouraged to take advanced training and learn new skills; how far you progress depends entirely on how much time you have available and your willingness to learn.


At least 18 years

A valid Oregon driver’s license

No record of a criminal background or history of driving related problems

Please visit us for additional requirements

Application/Acceptance Process

Completion of application

Background investigation

Oral interview

Physical ability test

Final interview

Fire Academy

Support Team

Our Support Team connects community members with the Aumsville Fire District to help with non-emergency tasks such as:

On-Scene Firefighter Rehab

Event planning

Assist with Fire Prevention


Fund Raising

Support Team Requirements

To qualify as a member of the Support Team an individual needs to meet the following criteria:

At least 18 years old

Pass a background check

Valid Oregon Driver’s License

Live in the Fire District (outside the District on approval)

Pass drug screening

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