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It is the responsibility of each member to support the mission by subscribing to the following values:


For the Community:

We recognize that the community is the reason for our presence.

We value the faith and trust of the community, and continually work to deserve that confidence through our attitudes, conduct, and accomplishments.

We will provide professional and courteous service at all times.

Lives are more valuable than property.

Safety is paramount.

Everyone is entitled to our best efforts and services we can provide.

The department encourages partnerships with all aspects of the community.

We will model our values at all times when acting on behalf of, or perceived to be acting on behalf of the Aumsville Fire District.

For the Department:

Volunteers are our most valuable assets.

We strive for excellence in everything we do.

Honesty, fairness and integrity will not be compromised.

We continually seek effectiveness, efficiency and economy.

Unity and teamwork are to our mutual advantage as individuals and as an organization.

Safety is paramount.

Members are continually encouraged to improve themselves as individuals and community servants.

The free exchange of ideas is encouraged, along with the capacity to accept ideas without prejudice.

We will provide professional and courteous service at all times.

We are sensitive and responsive to changing community needs.

We will strive to maintain and improve relationships with neighboring fire agencies.

History - One of Oregon's Gems


The Aumsville Rural Fire Protection District was formed in 1942 and contracted with City of Aumsville for protection services. In 1947 a Special Election was held to seek approval for General Obligation Bonds in the amount of $10,000. The money was used to purchase new fire equipment and a Diamond T Pumper. The Bonds were paid off in ten years.


In 1958 a Special Election was held to approve a five year levy to purchase new equipment. The District purchased a GMC Triple Combination Pumper, manufactured by Western States Fire Apparatus of Cornelius, Oregon. During 1964, a chassis was obtained, and was refitted a tanker. This process continued as money was available, until early 1965. At that time, the old tanker was sold. In 1966, specifications were developed for a new Triple Combination Pumper.


In 1969 talks started between the City of Aumsville and the Rural District centering on consolidation into a single entity. These talks continued throughout 1969 and went well into 1970. The election concerning the consolidation was finally held in December of 1970, and passed.

In 1973, it was determined that the District was in need of a new Fire Hall. The District received $80,000 in General Obligation Bonds to build the new Station. The building was completed in 1974 and the old Fire Hall was sold and become a Cabinet Shop.


The District Board hired the first full time Fire Chief Lou Bales in January of 1977. In 1981, efforts were made to secure property in the northern area of the District. Plans for a new station were developed and by the fall of 1982 the Shaw Fire Station was built with money available in our operating budget. The Shaw Station is located across Highway 22 from the Aumsville Station. In January 1985 the first full time Assistant Fire Chief was hired.

Volunteer firefighters raised money for the purchase of a semi-automatic defibrillator in 1990 and built the upstairs office in 1991. The Shaw Station was remodeled in 1994. In 2000 received $1,500,000 in General Obligations Bonds to remodel the Aumsville Station and purchase new apparatus. These bonds will be paid off in 2015.


Today the District is served by two fire stations, administered by a full time Fire Chief, Training Captain, Maintenance Officer and Office Administrator and manned by 20 volunteer firefighters.

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