Who We Are - About Us


The Aumsville Rural Fire Protection District was formed in 1942 and contracted with City of Aumsville for protection services. In 1947, a Special Election was held to seek approval for General Obligation Bonds in the amount of $10,000. The money was used to purchase new fire equipment and a Diamond T Pumper. The Bonds were paid off in ten years.


Aumsville Fire District has a main station and one satellite station where additional apparatus is located. Our firefighting apparatus includes: three engines, two tenders, and two brush trucks. In 2016, we replaced the three engines and two brush trucks with 2 Type 1 Engines and two Type 3 Brush trucks with our 2014 Bond.

Aumsville Rural Fire District is a combination fire and rescue agency with six career and 13 volunteer Firefighters. We currently have a part-time Chief, a full-time Assistant Chief, a full-time Apparatus Mechanic/Firefighter, three part-time Firefighters, and a full-time Office Administrator. Our staff and volunteer firefighters serve the District’s citizens from 2 centrally located fire stations. The main station is located in the City of Aumsville.

Our substation is located 2.8 miles north east of Aumsville in the community of Shaw. The Shaw Station will be the home of our training center. The station is set up for rural water supply to assist with structural, wildland and brush fires. The station has an engine, tender and brush truck.

We are an independent Special Service District governed by a Board of Directors consisting of five members of the community elected by the citizens of the District. The Board holds regular Board meetings on the second Thursday of each month at the Aumsville Station; members of the public are always welcome to attend these meetings.

Who We Are - Staff


As a district, we are currently staffed with a part-time Chief, full-time Training Captain, full-time Mechanic/Firefighter, three part-time Firefighters, and a full-time Office Administrator.

Trish Lutgen -Office Administrator

Roy Hari - Fire Chief

Brad McKenzie -Training Captain

Chris Lorenz-Mechanic

Andrew Chapman - Firefighter

Cameron Koumentis- Firefighter

Connor Lane- Firefighter

Tyler Juetten - Firefighter

Jerold Mix - Firefighter

Volunteer Captains


Our Captains have a tremendous responsibility in not only directing our firefighters during emergency response, but to also assist with the adminsitrative and personell functions of the fire district. 

Volunteer Lieutenants


Our Lieutenants are the first line of management for our firefighters but also hold the responsibility of fireground management.

Robert Surette - Lieutenant

Mark Noack - Lieutenant

Nic Schrock - Lieutenant

Odas Coleman - Lieutenant

Stormie Morlan - Lieutenant

Volunteer Engineers and Firefighters


All of our Engineers and Firefighters are well trained and committed to excellence. Our Engineers are the drivers of our fire apparatus and manage the fire pump and water needs while our line firefighters manage the initial fire attack and fire ground operations including suppression and emergency medical services. 

A Bergerson - Recruit

D Blackmon - Recruit

J Bratton - Firefighter

B Buchholz - Firefighter

C Califf - Cadet

Gavin Legner - Recruit

J Gregory - Firefighter

C Melton - Cadet

C Huff - Cadet

C Morrill - Firefighter

D Kluver - Firefighter

M Newton - Cadet

S Oglesbee - Firefighter

E Pineda - Firefighter



The Aumsville Fire District responds to approximately 800 calls per year. Over 50% of our calls are EMS related, while the remainder of the calls consist of Fire, Hazmat, Alarms and Misc. 





For Emergencies, Please Call 9-1-1

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