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The Administration division includes such responsibilities as the budget, payroll, benefits, human resources and billing. 

Emergency Services

The district provides structural fire protection that includes both residential and commercial structures. Our firefighters complete a nationally recognized fire academy to become certified state firefighters. Emergency Medical Services require responders to be medically trained to a minimum of Oregon's Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) status. 

Public Resources

Our community is important to the district. The district cares about more then just your health and well being. We provide information on emergency preparedness, fire and life safety, and health information. 



The Aumsville Volunteer Fire Department was first organized in the early 1930s with a crew of volunteer citizens. The Fire Chief at that time was Sam Weis. The first equipment on had was two soda and Acid tanks mounted on a hand-cart and the members pulled it by hand to the scene of the fire. ​

In 1937 the first vehicle was purchased. It was a 1934 Chevrolet truck on which a pump and storage tanks were installed by the late D.L. Eastburn in his machine shop. 

The Aumsville Volunteer Fire Department became a special district in 1942, and the City of Aumsville contracted with the district to provide fire protection services...



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