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Aumsville Rural Fire Protection District employ 3 full-time staff which make up 3 divisions comprising of Administrative Services, Emergency Medical Services, and Emergency Response. The district is considered a Rural Fire Protection Special District under Oregon Revised Statute Chapter 478. This designation makes Aumsville Rural Fire a standalone entity and it is not a part of the City of Aumsville or Marion County Government. Aumsville Rural Fire is solely responsible for all of the administration of the personnel. 

Administration includes responsibilities such as payroll, benefits, and human resources. In addition, the district must oversee its own budget, provide information technology support for the two fire stations, and maintain all records of the Board of Directors. 

They have been like a family to my son as a cadet. Love them!

~Nicky Lee

PO Box 247

490 Church Street 

Aumsville OR 97325


Tel: 503-749-2894


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